Parenting Counts

Encompass offers ‘Parenting Counts’ workshop

September 11, 2012

By Katie Larsen

Kerry Beymer, parenting support and education manager at Encompass, teaches the ‘Parenting Counts’ course at Swedish/Issaquah campus. Contributed

Parenting does count. Starting Oct. 1 for four Monday nights at the Swedish/Issaquah campus, Encompass will present Parenting Counts, a workshop series about child development.

Lead instructor Kerry Beymer, parenting support and education manager at Encompass, is trained to teach the curriculum from the Talaris Institute in Seattle.

“It makes you look at the situation as a parent in a different light,” Beymer said.

Each night, four different tiers of development will be discussed, including temperament, social, emotional, how children learn and language learning. The classes are free and stand independently; parents can choose which classes to take.

“All the classes stand alone. We break them up,” Beymer said. “This series is geared to the young families with children between 0 and 5.”

If you go

Parenting Counts

  • Oct. 1: “Nurture vs. Nature: How Children Develop”
  • Oct. 8: “Emotion Coaching: How Children Feel and Connect”
  • Oct. 15: “Exploring Play: How Children Think and Learn”
  • Oct. 22: “Language for a Lifetime: How Children Communicate”
  • The series runs from 6-8 p.m. Mondays Oct. 1-22.
  • Learn more and register

Some concepts Beymer teaches include how to find feelings behind behaviors, how children learn through unstructured playtime and how reading helps children learn social skills.

Parents in attendance can expect a lecture atmosphere that engages the audience in discussions and group activities.

“One of the best things that happens is a commonality among parents,” she said.

Also, parents can get referrals to other programs Encompass offers to help them, including parent counseling and one-on-one parent training. Child care workers are also welcome — the workshop series counts as merit classes, required by Washington state to obtain a license.

“I think it’s important for parents to have a really good handle on child development,” Beymer said. “Taking a class like this allows Encompass to get all the good research and information for parents.”

The research is the latest expertise in parenting education, according to Clay Eals, communications officer for Encompass.

“I hope that people that take this class learn something that will really make a difference in their child’s life for the long haul,” Beymer said.


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