Julius Boehm Pool debuts Chip ‘n’ Dip tournament


Julius Boehm Pool debuts Chip ‘n’ Dip tournament

July 24, 2012

By Katie Larsen

The Julius Boehm Pool will hold its first Chip ‘N Dip tournament Aug. 11.

The tournament will consist of teams of parent-and-child pairs for $15. Registration is open until the day of the tournament, online or in person.

Luann Sparks, recreation specialist for the city of Issaquah, came up with the idea after seeing a floating green in an airplane magazine.

The teams will chip 24 Wiffle Balls of different colors to a floating green in the pool. Each pair stars with 24 points and subtracts one point for hitting the green and two for getting it in the hole. The team with the lowest point value at the end will win.

Sparks said the pool will have gift certificates and candy for the winners.

The pool will be closed for the event with four teams on each side of the pool chipping. After the balls are hit, the teams will then jump in to collect the balls.

“The hope is to build it up to an annual event,” said K.C. Gere, aquatic coordinator.

The pool held a sneak peek into the event July 20 and allowed about 20 children and parents to practice. Sparks and Gere tried to find out green placement and what organization worked best for the actual event.

“The goal is to have a family-oriented fun event to get parents and kids in here to have fun together,” Gere said.


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