Food bank gets makeover on Community Service Day

Issaquah Food & Clothing Bank gets makeover on Community Service Day

June 26, 2012

By Katie Larsen

The Issaquah Food & Clothing Bank was hustling and bustling June 15 for the annual Windermere Community Service Day. More than 50 agents from the Issaquah Windermere office volunteered to clean and paint, and sort groceries.

“We are doing spring cleaning, like you’d do at home,” said Cori Kauk, executive director for the food bank.

Larry Miller, project director, found out the food bank needed help by calling and asking.

“It’s been a rough few years on a lot of people and they had to step up and help them,” Miller said.

Food bank organizers have wanted to do a cleaning and painting project for a while.

“It’s amazing how much you can get done with a lot of hands,” Miller said.

Volunteers worked from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

The Community Service Day has occurred for many years across the western United States when Windermere branches have closed down to provide community service for local entities.

“It’s a pretty amazing event when you think how many man hours are being put in,” said Dave Paremski, branch manager of the Issaquah Windermere office.

Committees for the real estate offices decide whom to help within a community. The local branch worked with the food bank a few years ago.

The food bank serves about 4,000 people a month and has been in existence for 35 years, Kauk said.

“Windermere is doing a great community service,” she said. “It all goes back to the clients to have a nice place to come get food.”


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